Turner Refining is KC’s premium gold buyer. Because we refine our own metals we can pay you more for your old silver, gold and platinum jewelry. We provide free scrap estimates on any kind of old jewelry with no pressure to sell. We can purchase gold filled and silver and gold plated items that other buyers can’t. We can also refine your old jewelry into pure silver, gold or platinum nuggets.

To make an appointment or schedule a private consultation, use the online contact form to the right.

Our hours of operation are:
Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am- 1pm
Sunday: Closed

At Turner Refining we purchase jewelry and much more! See our list below for items we commonly purchase.

We purchase

  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold filled jewelry
  • Gold plated jewelry
  • Dental gold
  • Sterling silver jewelry
  • Sterling silverware
  • Sterling tea sets
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Silver Plated Materials

Karat Calculator

This karat calculator will help show how much pure gold by weight is in any given piece of jewelry. The calculator shows karats and fineness. You can calculate how much pure gold you have by checking the karat against the weight. If you have a 14k piece that weighs 4 grams you can safely estimate (4gX58.3%)that piece has 2.33 grams of pure gold by weight.