We also purchase from sellers out of the area that wish to ship! Just follow the instructions outlined in the list below and collect your check.

Shipping directions are as follows

  • Items should be sent by either registered mail or if by commercial carrier with signature (minimum)
  • Items are to be sent to: Turner Refining | Please contact us for shipping options.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping insurance – company will not provide that
  • Customer should include name, address, phone number and e-mail address with their lot of scrap

How we handle mail-in lots

Gold is received and checked in, gold will be sorted and an initial estimate of types of scrap and value will be e-mailed or phoned to customer. If customer agrees to that price then the metal is processed within 24 hours and a check will be mailed. If customer does not agree with the prices then the scrap will be returned in the same condition it was received within 24 hours. There is no processing of scrap until the customer “gives the go”.

We purchase

  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold filled jewelry
  • Gold plated jewelry
  • Dental gold
  • Sterling silver jewelry
  • Sterling silverware
  • Sterling tea sets
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Select computer scrap

Karat Calculator

This karat calculator will help show how much pure gold by weight is in any given piece of jewelry. The calculator shows karats and fineness. You can calculate how much pure gold you have by checking the karat against the weight. If you have a 14k piece that weighs 4 grams you can safely estimate (4gX58.3%)that piece has 2.33 grams of pure gold by weight.