Welcome future gold refiners! Welcome to the Turner Refining Mentoring Program. My mentoring program is designed to teach precious metal scrap identification, valuation and refining in a new and comprehensive way. Making learning to refine precious metals more accessible to more people while significantly shortening the learning curve. And while this is not easy, it’s not that hard. My program and the methods we’ll use assumes the student has no experience in precious metals and no experience in chemistry. I was a cable TV installer before I started refining gold.

In this program you’ll receive complete training in every aspect of scrap identification, scrap valuation and the different refining processes for different types of scrap. You’ll receive valuable written training manuals, PDF’s and access to a professional refiner with over a decade of experience. Soon, I’ll be working on a DVD set that will cover everything in the mentoring program, of which you’ll receive a copy of as well. Plus! You get unlimited phone/text support between 11a and 8p M-F CST, unlimited email support and a 1-2 hour private 1 on 1 mentoring session via Skype or phone every 7-10 days. You have an experienced gold refiner on call to help you out, every single weekday with every single job. You’re going to get not just bullet points or a worthless YouTube video showing in 5-10 minutes how this is done but 1 on 1 mentoring, tons of support and very helpful tips and tricks to save money, time and gold in refining. The cost for this mentoring package and support is only $1,500.00 for the first 3 months and $250.00 a month after that. You don’t want to know what I would have done 11 years back to have a professional refiner to call for help when I needed it. You can learn this on your own but, do you have the time? It took me years. Can you spare the extra money needed to finance the learning process? It took a lot of money over time. I am definitely going to cut your costs and your learning curve way down. Saving you time, effort, money and gold!

If you’re on this site, reading this page, it’s because you’re a prepper. You already know how valuable this information will be in the future. Ask yourself this: In the worst case scenario, will I be stronger and better able to support my family by being able to accurately identify different types of precious metal scrap and to know how to recover the metals if necessary? You need this skill. Email me right now with your phone number and the best times to call or Skype to talk about getting started in your education because space is limited!

For more info email greg@turnerrefining.com